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The USB dongle is a UWB Tag/Mobile that works with the Kits or other UWB devices. It connects to an external battery or computer to communicate data. Like all devices, it can act as an Anchor or a Gateway.

The special feature of this device is that it is very simple to connect to a computer via USB to send data. It has a 9-axis inertial unit with an accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer.


Case excluding USB: 50*23*16 mm.15 g

Technology: UWB IEEE 802.15.4.2011

Operating frequency: 3.5 to 6.5 GHz

Bandwidth: 500 MHz (for 4 channels) or 900 MHz (for 2 channels)

Data rate: 110 kbps, 850 kbps or 6.8 Mbps

Range: Between 30 and 75 metres depending on conditions

Frequency: Approximately 100 positions per second

Communication: UART or USB

Power supply: 5V.


User Guide

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Data sheet

Description and technical informations

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